When the ASP was created in 2004, one of its objectives was to develop the highest interaction possible among the different disciplines taught at the two Politecnici partners. In order to achieve this interaction, the ASP adopted an innovative approach to the organization of the educational activities, which finally led to the creation of the “ASP community” as a close group of students, professors, board, and staff.

Hence all our efforts to plan our educational activities in full time weekly schools, separately located. Venues of our schools have been Venezia, Cernobbio (on the lake of Como), Bardonecchia in the Alpi Piemontesi, Lignano on the Adriatic Cost, Cagliari in Sardegna. These are places where students, professors, board and staff have the opportunity to spend a full time week together, discussing and also enjoying those social activities that are essential for creating a community.

The challenge is to keep this community alive, with our future students staying close to the school, and in constant evolution.