Projects in the spotlight

Every year a number of our projects get selected in entrepreneurship competitions, and our students are invited to present their results at museums, exhibitions and important international events.

Here are our projects in the spotlight

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Web Configurator for Automatic dispensing system
XII Cycle

The Team will present two papers at the Product Lifecycle Management 2017 International Conference organized at the University of Seville, Spain, from July 9th to July 12th 2017

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Water for Life
XII Cycle

Article on La Stampa, February 13th 2018

Complete description of the project



Electric MObility Development in Italy: a multidisciplinary evaluation
XI Cycle

Complete description of the project



Designing the Future of Retailing in Urban Cities
X Cycle

The project obtained on April 2015 the official Patronage of the Municipality of Torino

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Going towards solutions for Ambient Assisted Living
IX Cycle

Winner for the category “Best APP project to be realized” at the UpperApp Festival

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Playing Architecture – Smart Buildings for Smart Cities
IX Cycle

Selected for the Asian-Eu Science and Technology Days in Paris
Winner in the category “Project” at the SIE, Exibition of Innovative Building Systems in Bologna

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Sustainable High Quality Healthcare
VII Cycle

Published by Springer with an introduction written by Gail Vittori (Co-Director of the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems): Improving Sustainability During Hospital Design and Operation

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