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AEIOU Environment & Energy Hydrogen: Opportunities and Utilization

The project wants to create and understand a global scenario for the so-called “H2 society”: the aim is to analyse the feasibility of spreading a new energy carries, both in terms of R&D on technologies and in terms of investment and infrastructures. The project context involves a complex set of implications, from environmental to energetic ones, also connected with economical and social aspects.
The goal is to create a knowledge path, able of both classifying the existing applications and previewing how to prepare the regional territories, to anticipate and understand trends.
The teams deals with the analysis of the state of the art of H2 diffusion, with the definition of open problems, the elaboration of new perspectives of evolution and of possible technology-transfer processes. The starting point is the study of initiatives and experiences all over the world, followed by the scenario analysis that the EU is now proposing; the consequent step is looking for solutions that could be applied in Piedmont and Lombardy considered Excellence Regions for the H2. The project is developed following three different approaches: the first deals with quantitative tools for decision making support; the second is connected with the stationary application; the third is focused on the automotive sector.
The most important results are connected with the mid-term strategy that Piedmont and Lombardy should adopt to move towards the new H2 society. The timing of all the adoptable solutions is shifted with respect to other countries (as Japan and California), but the entire process is feasible and profitable. Our regional industries appear to be in line with the most advanced countries, so there seem to be good opportunities to develop the new “H2 society”.

Principal Academic Tutors
Francesco Profumo
Industrial Electrical Engineering, Politecnico di Torino

Academic Tutors
Emilio Paolucci
Production Systems and Business Economics, Politecnico di Torino
Alberto Tenconi
Industrial Electrical Engineering, Politecnico di Torino

External institutions
Centro Estero Camere di Commercio
Piemontesi, Piemonte
STEP Ricerche S.r.l., Torino

External Tutors
Marta Serrano
Centro Estero Camere di Commercio
Woodrow Clark II
Senior Fellow, Milken Institute

Team members
Sara Uboldi [Team controller], Public Administration Engineering
Giorgio Feletto, Energy Engineering
Umberto Emanuele Villa, Mathematics Engineering

Elena Negro [Team controller], Mathematical Modelling in Engineering
Ortzi Akizu Gardoki [Project Communication Coordinator], Environmentally friendly product design
Matteo Lai, Architecture
Christian Poma, Energy and nuclear engineering
Pierfrancesco Spagnol, Automation Engineering

Clara Passarino [Team controller], Chemical Engineering
Antonio Andreoli, Urban Planning and Policy Design
Alessandro Baldari, Energy Engineering
Fabio Chiapello, Mechanical Engineering

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