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Boosting a Smart and Sustainable Transition towards Carbon Neutral Cities

Most of the train stations in Italy are not currently aligned with the objective of a sustainable development, both under an environmental and social perspective, constituting an issue for municipalities who would like to improve citizens quality of life. Indeed, the objective of BooSST’s project is to develop a method to improve railway stations to make them well-serviced, interactive, accessible, safe, secure and sustainable for all citizens. This method would be a tool for municipalities to help them assess the needs and requirements that each station within the city possess, to this scope we presented as case studies a renovating project for the station Rogoredo of Milan and the station Rebaudendo of Turin. The main underlying drivers that pushes stakeholders to implement structural changes to infrastructure have to be referred to the willingness of countries and supranational institutions to create a sustainable and socially inclusive future, driven by SDGs’ route. We expect that thanks to our proposed solution administrations can make informed decisions on proper strategies for railway stations and their surroundings without wasting massive time and resources.

Principal Academic Tutor:
Paola Pucci (Politecnico di Milano)

Marika Arena (Politecnico di Milano)
Marika Arena (PoliMi)
Morris Brenna (PoliMi)
Elisabetta Vitale
Brovarone (PoliTo)
Pierluigi Coppola (PoliMi)
Sara Lodrini (PoliMi)
Eugenio Morello (PoliMi)
Luca Staricco (PoliTo)

External Tutor:
Pascal Terrien, Former Director of EIFER
Nurten Avci, Director of EIFER