ASP projects

Students participate to multidisciplinary projects, focusing on real and relevant problems, proposed as a collaboration between universities and external institutions (i.e., firms, governmental or research institutions).

Project teams consist of 5/6 students from different schools and are therefore intrinsically multidisciplinary. Each project team is assisted by tutors with a multifaceted background, selected among the Faculty of Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Torino as well as among experts of the proposing external institutions. Tutors advice students and periodically review their intermediate results.

Projects are focused on four “problem-based learning” tracks: 

Industry & Innovation

Academic research

& Hi-tech start-ups

Social impact & Engagement

Teams are provided with funds that allow them to make study trips, attend conferences, buy books and materials to help develop the project. The project plan and budget is defined by the team and agreed with the tutors.

For more information, please write an email to

The results of the projects from the 1st to the 15th ASP cycle are reunited and published in books that can be downloaded here.

Last ASP projects

Home Textile for Tomorrow

Home Textile for Tomorrow is a project whose objective is the development of potential scenarios in terms of products, markets, features desired and technologies which

Home Emergency

ASP students participated in a project sponsored by multiplicity.lab regarding the re-use and development of farmhouses owned by the City of Milan. The first phase


Energy efficiency and green buildings are an important challenge for developed countries in order to achieve the commitments of the Kyoto Protocol. In this field,

Space Hotel Design

In 2001, space tourism became a reality. Millionaire Dennis Tito was the first “fee-paying” space tourist: he flew to the International Space Station (ISS) and

S.P.I.: SkateParkItaly

“The SkatePark SkateParkItaly” (S.P.I.) is a spin-off project from Gangcity, a cultural project supported by a program of scientific research that has completed studies, surveys

RISCIÒ: Born to be shared

In the Mobility as a Service context, and in particular regarding car sharing, Risciò Project aims to address the needs for a platform “born to