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COMPITO: Monitoring Territorial Effects due to Commercial Polarities along the Milan-Turin Connection

Within the location of large-sized shopping areas, new typologies emerged in the last few years. In addition to their large dimension, they provide as their main feature a more comprehensive offer of selling areas, receptivity and leisure.
These buildings have a wide influence area (in terms of attraction, catchment area, mobility impact) which always crosses province and region boundaries. This settlement phenomenon, which increased along the Milan-Turin connection in the last decade, produces disruptive territorial effects. New polarities, linked to new spatial and functional organizational models, come into prominence, in relation to new and modernized infrastructures and to the availability of areas suitable for functional redevelopment and economic regeneration.
The project aims at addressing the above issues, according to the following specific procedures:
– framing all comprehensive shopping centres located between Turin and Milan, particularly within the districts of Milan, Novara and Turin;
– identifying all key players involved in promoting large shopping buildings within the selected area;
– identifying infrastructure and settlement programmes used;
– delineating morphology and urban design characteristics of new shopping malls and new projects in progress;
– setting up a common methodology for monitoring and evaluating direct and indirect-effects on the territorial and landscape context;
– defining visions to improve territorial development starting from monitoring new settlements and polarities.

Principal Academic Tutors
Corinna Morandi
Architecture and Planning, Politecnico di Milano

Academic Tutors
Flavio Boscacci
Architecture and Planning, Politecnico di Milano
Grazia Brunetta
Inter-university Territorial Studies and Planning, Politecnico di Torino
Andrea Rolando
Architecture and Planning, Politecnico di Milano
Cino Zucchi
Architecture and Planning, Politecnico di Milano

External institutions
Regione Piemonte
Direzione Commercio Artigianato
Istituto per le imprese di beni di consumo
Provincia di Milano
Direzione centrale pianificazione
e assetto del territorio

External Tutors
Patrizia Vernoni
Regione Piemonte
Leonardo Cavalli
Marco Cuppini
Istituto per le imprese di beni di consumo
Roberto Parma
Provincia di Milano

Team members

Federico Guffanti [Team controller], Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering
Francesca Carolina Angela Lo Cascio, Furniture and Textile Design
DeianiraMaria Napoli, Urban and Territorial Design
Federico Palma, Building Engineering
Elena Vigna [Project Communication Coordinator], Architecture

Andrea Olivieri [Team controller], Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering
Anna Devigili, Architecture
Martina Pasini, Building Engineering/Architecture
Francesco Maria Valentini, Architecture

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