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DaGoGò: Goods Tracking and Risk Management

The area of goods tracking is becoming more and more important in two main areas: dangerous goods transportation and food supply chain.
The project aims at investigating goods tracking aspects for several research areas: service provisioning in mobile environment with Quality of Service guarantee, integration of multiple information sources, knowledge sharing in interoperating companies, implications on the organization of the supply chain, evaluation and management of risk. The need of designing integrated interoperable systems which take into account all the above mentioned aspects is becoming an important issue also due to legal requirements. Innovative technologies can actively support goods tracking and provide valuable added value services to provide legally requested information and also to minimize risk in case of failures and accidents.
The students during the project will interact with the external institution (IBM) involved in the project, which will bring a number of applications cases, developing interdisciplinary competencies in the above mentioned areas.
The student projects will benefit from interaction with a number of research projects in the area of the participating tutors (within basic FIRB research projects, projects with public institutions, European research projects, Eida SUR grant by IBM).

Principal Academic Tutors
Barbara Pernici
Electronics and Information,Politecnico di Milano

Academic Tutors
Chiara Francalanci
Electronics and Information, Politecnico di Milano
Giorgio Guariso
Electronics and Information, Politecnico di Milano
Architettura e Pianificazione, Politecnico di Milano
Emilio Paolucci
Production Systems and Business Economics, Politecnico di Torino
Maria Cristina Treu
Architecture and Planning, Politecnico di Milano

External institutions
IBM Italia

External Tutors
Massimo Leoni

Team members

Luciano Raso [Team controller], Environmental and Land Planning Engineering
Marco Fisichella, Computer Engineering
AlessandraMaria Pandolfi, Urban Regional and Environmental Planning
Fabio Siragusa, Management
Valerio Targon [Project Communication Coordinator], Telecommunications

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