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EnerCity: Sustainability design of micro-scale urban area

The aim of the project is to introduce students to sustainable design in a urban environment. Sustainability is a key term of the project. It involves three aspects of the design process: not only environmental but also economical and social elements. As a result, the objective of the design is to put into a concrete form these three concepts by jointly considering architectural and engineering issues. The sustainability idea is expressed by the three teams in a different way: on the one hand Team A and Team B focused their attention on new areas and buildings respectively, on the other hand Team C worked on an existing area which has to be improved.

Principal Academic Tutors
Aldo Canova
Electrical Engineering, Politecnico di Torino

Academic Tutors
Lidia Diappi
Architecture and Planning, Politecnico di Milano
Marco Perino
Energetics, Politecnico di Torino

External institution
Agenzia Territoriale per la Casa (ATC), Torino
Stadt Ostfildern, Sharnhauser Park, Stuttgart-Germany
Agenzia per l’energia della Provincia di Biella (AgenBiella)

External Tutor
Luigi Fazari
Ursula Eicker
Alberto Colucci

Team members
Filippo Bolzonello [Team controller], Civil Engineering
Matteo Bonardello, Mechanical Engineering
Rosa Castellino, Architecture
Luciano Rolando,Automotive Engineering
Gregorio Rossello, Environmental and Civil Engineering

Marco Bruno [Team controller], Automotive Engineering
Grégoire Boutignon, Civil Engineering
Mario Buscaini, Building Engineering
Lara Rogantini, Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering
Sara Sanavio, Architecture
Fabio Taina, Materials Engineering

Roberto Guidotti [Team controller], Civil Engineering
Elisabetta Carnevale, Architectural projects and management of constructive processes
Andrea Giordanino [Project Communication Coordinator], Automotive Engineering
Matteo Senesi, Mechanical Engineering
Angela Tagliaferri, Energy Engineering

Download the poster of the Project