Fondazione Triulza renews partnership with ASP for the next residential ASP School at MIND-Milan Innovation District from May 22nd to 26th 2023

The ASP students of the 19th Cycle are gearing up for their first residential School, after having completed the theoretical modules of the Winter Course “The Dynamics of Innovation”, coordinated by Prof. Marco Cantamessa, and of the Spring Course “Design Methods and Process”, coordinated by Prof. Gaetano Cascini.

The second part of these Courses will be focused on project works and hosted at MIND-Milan Innovation District, from May 22nd to 26th 2023, in partnership with Fondazione Triulza, continuing a fruitful collaboration started in 2020.

Fondazione Triulza promotes social innovation and community engagement within MIND, paving the way for a sustainable future that benefits all stakeholders. Through the Social Innovation Academy, from 2018, Fondazione Triulza promotes the experimentation and development of new training and design proposals in all areas of social innovation and sustainable development. The Academy is open to third sector and civil economy organizations, philanthropic bodies, universities and research centers, public institutions, finance and companies, with the goal of promoting collaboration between profit and non-profit, public and private, on the themes of innovation and social impact. The Strategic Scientific Committee of the Social Innovation Academy, chaired by Prof. Mario Calderini (Politecnico di Milano, Tiresia), works together with universities, civil society, public institutions, and companies to develop shared social innovation strategies and practices in the MIND site.

Through the Social Tech Project (in which 53 entrepreneurial realities have already participated) Fondazione Triulza wants to give companies and startups having a social impact the opportunity to improve and to create relationships with MIND stakeholders.

Among the initiatives implemented within MIND by Fondazione Triulza, the first Italian Social Innovation Campus, since 2020, aims at involving new generations in the design of a sustainable future, meeting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. This two-day annual event showcases international talks, workshops, hackathons, labs, lectures, and contests, which are the culmination of a capacity-building path dedicated to the third sector and targeting high school and university students.

Within this framework, the residential School has the goal of providing students with a hands-on approach to innovation and design, in relation to the themes stressed in the theoretical modules of the Winter Schools.

The “Dynamics of Innovation” Course equipped ASP students with a comprehensive understanding of innovation and innovation dynamics, from the point of view of both management and economics. Students learned about the challenges that must be tackled when trying to bring change in a given situation through technical means.

On the other hand, the “Design Methods and Process” Course introduced ASP students to a wide range of existing design methods, including descriptive models for analyzing design processes and behaviors, as well as prescriptive tools that provide a structured and multidisciplinary approach to design.

We look forward to seeing the projects work with which ASP students will be challenged in the upcoming residential School!