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FUSE: Future Scenarios in Banking: new Services and sustainability

The banking sector has always been facing a big challenge: coping with continuous and fast-evolving financial services. Nowadays, financial
institutions need to be not only promoters of innovation but also of sustainable services. The concept of sustainability is intended from the economic, environmental and social viewpoints. As a result, the financial service industry is ahead of the game in both innovation and sustainability. Following these guidelines, the main objectives of the FUSE team was, first of all, to understand the current financial services panorama and, then, to design and implement an innovative solution, particularly promising in creating long-lasting value for the bank and its customers. The first objective was reached through in-depth investigation and selection of the top sustainable banking innovations in recent years. A key challenge encountered in this step was the difficulty in finding the necessary data, practices and initiatives for each of UniCredit’s competitors in the world, due to the scope of research and to competitors’ secrecy which restricted any access to the details of the topics of interest. Following conclusion of the first phase, a new challenge of the team was to summarize the results in order to be consistent with both UBIS business strategies and to cater for market requirements.

Principal Academic Tutor
Chiara Francalanci
Electronics and Information, Politecnico di Milano

External Tutor
Giuseppe Salomoni
Unicredit Group

Academic Tutors
Marta Corubolo
Industrial Design, Arts, Communication and Fashion, Politecnico di Milano
Emilio Paolucci
Management and Production Engineering, Politecnico di Torino

External institution
UBIS – Unicredit Group

Team members
Shuhua Cao, Telecommunication Engineering
Martina Dell’Anna [Project Communication Coordinator], Industrial Engineering and Management
Aida Mansouri, Electronic Engineering
Alessio Montrella, Industrial Production and Technological Innovation Engineering
Hanumad Vasanth Munnamgi [Team Controller], Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering
Laura Russo, Industrial Production and Technological Innovation Engineering

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