Who We Are

The Alta Scuola Politecnica (ASP) promotes a path reserved for talented students willing to broaden the horizon of their disciplinary training and motivated to integrate it with additional transverse elements. Students are initiated to a path of advanced interdisciplinary training to understand the complex relationships between science, innovation, technology and socio-economic systems.

Through this understanding, the students refine their ability to make a positive impact on society and the environment. The educational core of the ASP path is contextualization and problem definition. complex (problem setting), as well as the ability to deal with problems critically originated from the multiplicity of points of view and sensitivities involved (challenge the picture). This does not exclude and indeed lays the foundations for the actual problem solving (problem solving). From a practical point of view, this intent translates for ASP in a path of Intensive Schools structured around complementary topics and in an application project of multidisciplinary character, developed by the students in parallel to the path of master’s degree.

In this context, the disciplinary technical expertise, supported by the industrial, professional, research and other non-academic institutions experiences, helps students to define viable solutions, supporting the dialectical process open to others cultures and sensitivities.