Team members of ASP project “Cosmica” explores microalgae production for future space exploration at IGROX – MBT

In a significant step toward advancing the future of human space exploration and life support systems, the team members of ASP project Cosmica, accompanied by their tutors prof. Valentina Sumini and prof. Andrea Mainini, embarked on a remarkable journey this week. Their destination: the IGROX – MBT facilities, where cutting-edge research in microalgae production is shaping the trajectory of space exploration.

Microalgae, often dubbed “nature’s miniature powerhouses,” hold immense potential for sustaining life in space environments. Their ability to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, along with their high nutritional value, makes them a critical candidate for future long-duration space missions.

During the visit, the members of ASP Cosmica had the unique opportunity to witness firsthand the fascinating processes involved in cultivating and harvesting microalgae. They were introduced to the state-of-the-art bioreactors and growth chambers.

Experts from IGROX – MBT guided the Cosmica team through the various stages of microalgae cultivation, emphasizing the significance of their role in not only providing life-sustaining resources but also potentially contributing to waste recycling and closed ecologycal systems within spacecraft and space habitats.