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NRGWaste: A safe small scale thermal treatment for unsorted solid waste with recovery of energy

NRGWaste is a micro scale, turnkey, self-contained system for the treatment of unrecoverable waste at the point of arising, based on high temperature plasma pyrolysis and on downsized waste pre-treatment technology (metal extraction, shredding, pelletisation). The core of the micro treatment prototype is based on the downsizing of the technology used in large waste to energy plants using components already largely used for industrial applications (i.e. TIG welding torches as a basis for a new way of generating plasma at low cost) coupled with a novel, self-adaptive control system to reach the highest levels of efficiency. The system includes a fully-automated control of the electric arc generating the plasma and a gas recirculation system to ensure safe generation of syngas (i.e. no furans and dioxins) ready to be exploited for energy generation.
The prototype was fully studied from the modelling side as well as from the experimental campaign performed at IRIS Srl facilities. Some improvements on the present technology arose from this project and were proposed to the company in order to fit different market applications ranging from stationary to non-stationary waste treatment as a result of the different skills present in the team, hereafter described, and to IRIS Srl company, always involved during the whole duration of the project.



Principal Academic Tutor
Debora Fino, DISAT, Politecnico Di Torino

Academic Tutor
Isabella Nova, DIE, Politecnico Di Milano

External institutions

External Tutor
Ilaria Schiavi, Engineering research & business development specialist, IRIS Srl

Team members
Cecilia Vicinanza (Team Controller and Communication Coordinator), Energy Engineering, Politecnico Di Milano
Davide del Giudice, Electrical Engineering, Politecnico Di Milano
Manuel Innocenti, Chemical Engineering and Sustainable Processes, Politecnico Di Torino
Nicola Frascella, Energy Engineering, Politecnico Di Milano
Donato Sportelli, Mechanical Engineering, Politecnico Di Milano
Eddy Christopher Batok Embanglian, Petroleum Engineering, Politecnico Di Torino
Ahmed Mohamed Sadek Elgendy, Petroleum Engineering, Politecnico Di Torino

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