A flexible approach: personalized learning modules

ASP personalized learning is intended to provide four highly focused learning paths for each ASP pillarThe goal is to improve learning experiences according to students’ preferences and profiles. Including tailored education into ASP program can be an efficient approach for increasing motivation, engagement and satisfaction. By a learner-centered system ASP aims to support diverse needs and development of individual learners’ potentials.  

For the XIX ASP cycle Autumn School, students have the opportunity to select among the following four teaching modules.

This course is designed to provide students with concepts and instruments that are necessary to gain a better understanding of sustainability and impact management. The program includes the analysis of strategy, technology and impact management, financial instruments, accounting and control tools, performance management approaches.

By participating in these courses, ASP students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to envision and execute solutions that create positive social and environmental change while also fostering economic growth and prosperity.

Coordinators: Mario Calderini, Enrico Bellazzecca, Irene Bengo, Politecnico di Milano, Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering.

The aim of the course is to provide students with an overview of the fundamental concepts of Open Innovation, using the example of Plug and Play, the largest global Open Innovation platform.

The topics of startup accelerators will also be covered and testimonials of high-tech startups will be given on their entrepreneurial journey, thanks to lectures and meetings with the founders of Revolv Space, Ohm Space, Spherecube, Reefilla, 2electron, and Inventio.

Two Startups Accelerators will be presented as a models: The Takeoff Accelerator, focused on the Aerospace sector and the Motorvalley Accelerator on the Mobility area.

CoordinatorsEugenia Forte, Program director of «Takeoff» (the first Italian Accelerator for Aerospace and Advanced hardware).

This School is intended to provide research skills by allowing students to attend courses offered to POLITO and POLIMI PhD Schools.
This school is recommended to students who are interested in academic research and in applying for a PhD position after graduation.

Within this School, students will have to attend 4 modules in total to be chosen among:

(i) 1 to 2 MOOC courses from the POLITO PhD School;
(ii) 2 to 3 lectures from the “research Skills” POLIMI PhD School.

In this module students have the unique opportunity to work on their leadership skills.

In small groups, under the guidance of professional skills trainers, you will practice five skills: giving feedback, negotiating, pitching, debating and arguing, and diversity management. The skills exercises are interesting for anyone who now or in the future likes to lead teams – and later perhaps also larger units.

CoordinatorsHans de Bruijn, TU Delft.