P&G Training in Data Visualization

The short course is structured in a first theoretical lecture, followed by a practical class where the guidelines and tips will be applied into practical exercises which will provide the opportunity to build a scorecard based on a provided dataset. For the practical exercise, Microsoft Power BI software will be used, giving the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the most widely used data visualization software.

The course starts on February, 25th at 17.30 and will be held online.

I want to thank Procter & Gamble Italia for the continuous support and the fruitful collaboration with the Alta Scuola Politecnica. P&G helped ASP in its mission aimed at developing an increasingly innovative educational experience for its students. Such collaboration includes high-tech courses (like an innovative training program on Data Visualization), collaboration from its managers in the ASP Mentoring Program, and successful projects regarding innovation and circular economy.
Many special thanks to Iolanda Napolitano and Katia Cocca for the continuous effort they put in growing this collaboration.

Prof. Emilio Paolucci – Linkedin