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R(UE)²: Rational and sustainable use of energy in urban environments

The exploitation of primary energy resources together with the environmental pollution impacts are linked problems which need an integrated and multidisciplinary solution process. Particular solutions have to be found in urban environment where other critical aspects are present: traffic, residential heating and cooling, etc.. The application of some technologies as cogeneration or trigeneration allow a significant reduction of waste of energy but they can found some technical, economical, environmental and managing obstacles to their diffusion. The scope of the project is an objective evaluation of different application scenarios in urban environments (e.g. Torino and Milano) where gas and electrical network are strongly distributed.
The main subjects to be developed in the project will be:
1) cogeneration and trigeneration technologies;
2) technical problems: integration with electrical and gas network;
3) environmental burdens: dispersion of different pollutants and externality evaluation;
4) economical aspects: investment costs, managing costs, etc.

Principal Academic Tutors
Aldo Canova
Electrical Engineering, Politecnico di Torino

Academic Tutors
Giuseppe Genon
Geo-resources and Land, Politecnico di Torino
Giambattista Gruosso
Electronics and Information,
Politecnico di Milano

External institutions
Borgaro Torinese
Arpa Lombardia

External Tutors
Silvana Angius
Arpa Lombardia
Francesco Vallone

Team members


Arturo Petrozza [Team controller], Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering
Ivan Collino, Environmental and Land Planning Engineering
Davide Colzani, Energy Engineering
Mariachiara Guerra, Architecture for Restoration and Preservation of Architectural and Environmental Heritage
Rocco Mastrandrea, Aerospace Engineering
Giulio Sovran, Architecture


Alfino Di Stasi [Team controller], Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering
Giuseppe Gazzilli, Aerospace Engineering
Guiguie Josiane KoueguemKouam, Computer Engineering
Paolo Magri, Architecture
Ilaria Tomat [Project Communication Coordinator], Communication

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