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WAVES: Waves As a Valuable Energy Source

The goals of this project included the analysis and the development of a wave energy converter capable of exploiting sea wave energy in order to generate electric power.
Sea waves are one of the most interesting and well distributed renewable energy sources in the world. Given the current state of the art, all existing sea wave energy conversion systems are designed to operate offshore in the oceans, where the height of waves is definitely high.
The main project requirement was to design a converter able to work properly with small amplitude waves, typical of closed seas like the Mediterranean. In accordance with the ASP projects main feature, project development required a multidisciplinary approach in order to take into account engineering, economical, environmental and public acceptance factors. The project has been developed in two different ways by two groups of students, in order to reach two distinct targets. Both activities started from the analysis of some different system architectures, in order to find an energy conversion method with a good compromise between efficiency, cost, reliability and mooring method. Legislative constraints have been evaluated as well.

Principal Academic Tutor
Ermanno Giorcelli
Mechanics, Politecnico di Torino

Academic Tutors
Giuliana Mattiazzo
Mechanics, Politecnico di Torino
Michele Pastorelli
Electrical Engineering, Politecnico di Torino

External institution
Comune di Gaeta
Comune di Pantelleria

External Tutor
Salvatore Gabriele
Comune di Pantelleria

Team members
Michele Anti [Team controller], Electronic Engineering
Maria Giulia De Donno, Civil Engineering
Enrico Delogu, Automotive Engineering
Andrea Ferranti, Environmental and Land Planning Engineering
Michele Rampanelli, Aeronautical Engineering

Andrea Gulisano [Team controller], Aerospace Engineering
Emanuele De Cartis, Energy Engineering
Nicole De Togni, Architecture
Paolo Longoni, Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering
Davide Pigoli, Mathematical Engineering
Claudio Salerno [Project Communication Coordinator], Energy Engineering

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