ASP Alumni Association

The ASP Alumni Association is the network putting together students who graduated from Alta Scuola Politecnica and professors, board, and staff who desire to stay connected with such community. It counts 700 members based in more than 20 countries in the world.

The declared vision of the ASP Alumni Association’s is to inspire and connect talents, to make an impact on society. The association aims therefore to help alumni to build strong, productive alliances within the community – alliances that are enriching throughout all stages of their careers. Through the Association, alumni have opportunities to connect to ASP and to each other, and to advance their careers through events, career resources, networking, and late-breaking faculty research. This contributes to consolidate friendships tied during the two years of the ASP program, and to create new ones among alumni of different ASP cycles, but sharing the same values.

Led by a board of young alumni, the ASP Alumni Association promotes activities to hold the community together by:

  • organizing official events and conferences with top guests and moderators, either in presence (e.g. Annual Event) and online (e.g. Insight Hour);
  • fostering interaction among members through social networks and other communication tools;
  • organizing formal mentoring programs, seminars and informal mentoring meetings (e.g. “Brunch with the Innovator”) for current ASP students;
  • setting up territorial and thematic hubs to connect people and promote informal aperitifs, leisure meetings and round-table discussions with guests.

To know more, follow the ASP Alumni Association activities on their channels: