Call for projects – 17th ASP cycle

We offer to the main national and international companies the opportunity to propose innovative themes that will be developed by multidisciplinary groups of 7/8 ASP students. They will be coordinated by two academic tutors chosen among the professors of the two universities and by one or more company tutors.

The group of students will work alongside academic and company tutors to set (problem setting) and solve (problem solving), through a multidisciplinary approach, the theme proposed by the company. The problems that we expect to be brought by companies must have a strong industrial relevance and a long-term breath, developing frontier issues that bring real innovation.

Call for projects timeline (17th cycle)

March 1st, 2021Call opening
May 7th, 2021Deadline for project proposals
May 20th – May 25th, 2021Projects presentation to ASP students
May 28th, 2021Students’ groups assignment
June 1st, 2021Projects kick-off

You can submit your project proposal by filling the form at this link.

For any question, please contact