Leadership Skills Course, in collaboration with TU Delft

ASP students will have the opportunity to participate in the Leadership Skills Course, in collaboration with TU Delft. The Course will take place at TU Delft from 6th September to 11th September 2022 and it is addressed to 15 ASP students and 15 Delft students.

In this Course students will have the unique opportunity to work on their leadership skills; in small groups, under the guidance of professional skills trainers, students will practice five skills, interesting for anyone who now or in the future likes to lead teams – and later perhaps also larger units:

  • giving feedback
  • negotiating
  • pitching
  • debating and arguing
  • diversity management

Interested ASP students still have a few days left to send their application to
The Call expires on 22nd July 2022 at 12pm
; any application that will be sent after the deadline will not be considered.