A group of ASP students attended the “Leadership Skills” Course at the TU Delft

This past week, some ASP students attended the “Leadership Skills” Course at the Delft University of Technology – TU Delft campus.

The Course, addressed to 15 ASP students and 15 students of the Honours Programme Master of TU Delft, is part of a collaboration between the two institutions and took place from Thursday, September 8th until Sunday, September 11th.

Students had the unique opportunity to work on their leadership skills through exercises interesting for anyone who will lead teams and also larger units. In small groups and under the guidance of professional skills trainers, students practiced five skills:

  1. giving feedback
  2. negotiating
  3. pitching
  4. debating and arguing
  5. diversity management 

After the skills block Course at TU Delft Campus, there will be five weekly online meetings about professionalism, leading professionals, strategy, innovation, cooperation.

Teaching staff
Hans de Bruijn, the module manager, is a full professor at TU Delft at a visiting professor at Polimi; Rose Drenth, Arjan Kindermans and Catalijn Willemsen, the skills trainers, are also professional actors and used their acting skills during the training.