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BIMChain for Site 4.0

The construction industry is currently experiencing a profound transformation, and Building Information Modelling (BIM) stands as a prime illustration of this evolution. Indeed, BIM integrates all essential data for project planning, design, construction, and operation, distinguishing itself from traditional CAD by employing parametric modeling.

Despite BIM’s advancements in the design phase, the construction process still grapples with challenges such as delays and cost overruns stemming from inefficient information management. The BIMChain for Site 4.0 project represents a groundbreaking solution, fusing BIM and blockchain technologies to revolutionize communication, transparency and management methods. This innovative approach aims to automate and comprehensively monitor construction activities in real-time, curbing errors, rework, and expenditures. Stakeholders, including engineers, architects, managers, subcontractors, and suppliers, benefit from tailored communication channels.

The project’s open and modular platform architecture allows flexibility in selecting components, including the blockchain platform. In the prototype, Polygon was chosen for its security and cost-effectiveness. The client application, a React-based web app, ensures accessibility from any internet-enabled device, facilitating a seamless experience both on construction sites and in technical offices.

Integrating BIM data into the web app relies on Revit and the Industry Foundation Class (IFC) format, simplifying information access for stakeholders. A specialized identification code set, aligned with the Italian standard UNI 8290, links elements in Revit models to construction tasks, aiding project organization and Gantt chart creation.

The Gantt Chart Generator Tool streamlines project planning by offering an Excel-based template for creating Gantt charts. This tool streamlines timelines, integrates Revit model data, and tracks progress. Project indicators, such as the Schedule Index, help monitor performance, while the platform records all updates in a secure blockchain ledger.