ASP projects

Students participate to multidisciplinary projects, focusing on real and relevant problems, proposed as a collaboration between universities and external institutions (i.e., firms, governmental or research institutions).

Project teams consist of 5/6 students from different schools and are therefore intrinsically multidisciplinary. Each project team is assisted by tutors with a multifaceted background, selected among the Faculty of Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Torino as well as among experts of the proposing external institutions. Tutors advice students and periodically review their intermediate results.

Projects are focused on four “problem-based learning” tracks: 

Industry & Innovation

Academic research

& Hi-tech start-ups

Social impact & Engagement

Teams are provided with funds that allow them to make study trips, attend conferences, buy books and materials to help develop the project. The project plan and budget is defined by the team and agreed with the tutors.

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The results of the projects from the 1st to the 15th ASP cycle are reunited and published in books that can be downloaded here.

Last ASP projects

17th Cycle


The increase of the frequency and strength of extreme meteorological events related to climate change is a trend that will characterize the upcoming years. Droughts

17th Cycle

AoF – The Insurance Agency of the Future

As the insurance landscape evolves with the rise of new insurtech players, traditional incumbents must reformulate their strategies to preserve long-term competitive advantage. Agency of

17th Cycle

F.U.S.S. – Floating Units for SeaSteading

Rising sea levels are tearing more and more coastlines from the earth, submerging cities, ecosystems and entire cultures. F.U.S.S. (Floating Units for SeaSteading) is an

17th Cycle

GreenTA – Green roof Technology Assessment

The Green roof Technology Assessment (GreenTA) project investigated the cost and benefits arising from the installation of green roofs, while develop- ing a user-friendly evaluation

17th Cycle


The world is facing a great challenge in transitioning to new, clean energy systems to contrast climate change, while the global energy demand is continuously

17th Cycle

Into the Digital Odyssey

The digital revolution is reshaping the financial sector, making new products and services possible for the customers: but this does not come without a cost.

17th Cycle

S2E – Sludge To Energy

The paper industry has historically managed resources in a linear logic: cellulose enters the process, paper comes out, and, with that, tons and tons of

17th Cycle


Buildings are among the most polluting entities, as research conducted by the European Commission found that they are responsible for approximately 40% of the overall

17th Cycle


Currently, the world is experiencing a paradigm shift in the area of autonomous driving. The automotive industry is moving from partial driving assistance (Level 2)

17th Cycle

SoCo – Social commerce in P&G

Social media has set the stage to a complex, quickly changing and hyper-connected environment in which people interact with each other, building relationships and networks

17th Cycle


Nowadays, the textile industry has a massive environmental impact, involving depletion of resources in the production of garments and a very short life cycle of

17th Cycle

WoW – Web of Water

Web of Water (WoW) is an innovation project supported by Fluid-o-Tech, international leader in the design and manufacture of pumps, valves, sensors and fluid management


C&D Waste is the largest waste stream in Europe, with a value of approximately $126 million. The main issue of this market is the excessive

16th Cycle


At the end of 2019, a new disease called COVID-19 hit the entire world. Firstly identified in Wuhan (China), it spread around the globe, infecting


Principal Academic Tutor: Renato Casagrandi (Politecnico di Milano) Academic Tutor:Roberto Revelli (Politecnico di Torino)Alessandro Rogora (Politecnico di Milano) External Institution: Kukula, H4O

IN – An exhibition about equality

The IN exhibition aims to raise people’s awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals of the ONU 2030 Agenda, encouraging visitors to “see the world” from