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The constantly increasing energy cost and the highly restrictive environmental laws imposed by governments can be seen as a challenge for individuals, but also as an opportunity for companies to leverage the people’s need to both save money and reduce their environmental impact. In this context, Home Energy Management System (HEMS) devices are spreading to fulfil such requirements.

A HEMS is a device that allows monitoring the domestic energy production and usage to automatically manage the flows, bringing users to cut energy bills and reduce their emissions. Such achievements can be reached thanks to the integration of different elements that make up the energy network of houses, which can be electric vehicles (EV), smart appliances, photovoltaic systems (PV), energy storage systems (ESS), heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC).

As of today, there is currently no “comprehensive” HEMS offered by any provider, as the existing ones can integrate only a small range of smart appliances and do not properly exploit the energetic contribution of critical elements such as EV, PV and ESS.

The goal of this project is therefore to develop a comprehensive HEMS, including a control algorithm and a user interface, able to operate with a broad range of devices and achieve previously unattainable performance.

The main stakeholder is Free2move eSolutions, a company active in the field of electric mobility and EV infrastructures.