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MILDS – Maintenance, Infotainment, Learning Digital Services

Sanlorenzo Yacht S.p.A., a luxury yacht manufacturer known for its craftsmanship, is embracing digital innovation by developing a superyacht Digital Twin (DT) to meet evolving customer demands and maintain a competitive edge in the yachting industry. In this context, the MILDS project aims to integrate Digital Twin technology throughout the entire superyacht lifecycle, from design and production to post-delivery, with a focus on reducing environmental impact and extending the yacht lifecycle.

The MILDS project encompasses two primary solutions. The first solution involves integrating data-driven maintenance and energy efficiency services into the DT. Data-driven maintenance utilizes historical data and supplier information to optimize maintenance policies, reducing unscheduled repairs by 8% and enabling continuous monitoring of onboard systems. Energy efficiency enhancements involve optimizing fuel consumption through smart routing based on real-time weather and sea conditions and implementing domotics solutions for intelligent management of hôtellerie systems (such as lighting and HVAC systems). Both solutions offer significant benefits to both Sanlorenzo and yacht owners, reducing operational costs. The project’s cost-benefit analysis demonstrates the potential profitability of the investment in those functionalities, with a positive Net Present Value (NPV) from Sanlorenzo’s perspective.

The second solution addresses the need to enhance the current technological infrastructure, transitioning from a Digital Model (DM) to a full-fledged Digital Twin. This entails developing user interfaces and modules illustrated through Unified Modeling Languages (UML) diagrams. The goal is to create a dynamic, real-time, and automated DT capable of offering a wide range of innovative functionalities to satisfy numerous of stakeholders throughout the yacht’s lifecycle. Even if the implementation of these solutions presents some challenges and may require overcoming resistance to innovation, the potential benefits for both Sanlorenzo and its customers are significant. The developments are not only expected to enhance the company’s competitiveness but also offer yacht owners improved efficiency, reduced costs, and a more environmentally friendly yachting experience.

In summary, Sanlorenzo’s MILDS project represents a significant step forward in leveraging Digital Twin technology to revolutionize the superyacht industry. By integrating data-driven maintenance, energy efficiency services, and a comprehensive DT infrastructure, the company aims to meet the demands of the emerging userrequirements, while delivering exceptional value to its customers.