ASP projects


In an era marked by growing environmental concerns and the imperative to conserve natural resources, the agricultural sector faces increasing pressure to innovate existing practices. Water scarcity has become a critical challenge, particularly in water-intensive processes like greenhouse cultivation and breeding. 
Traditional methods of managing greenhouse environmental conditions, such as natural or forced ventilation, mechanical refrigeration cycles, or pad and fan systems, are often inefficient and resource intensive. These methods can lead to uneven performances, inadequate humidity control, and excessive energy and freshwater consumption

Our project addresses critical challenges in greenhouse cooling by aiming to reduce water consumption, improve sustainability, and enhance performance. Stakeholder analysis guided our approach, and research into materials and experimental activities led to promising alternatives. Our goal is to provide an innovative and sustainable solution that meets the diverse needs of stakeholders, ensures water conservation, and secures the economic viability of greenhouse applications. By focusing on these strategies and technologies, we can contribute to the advancement of sustainable practices in the agricultural sector while addressing the pressing issue of water scarcity.