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CT SEI GENCo – An Energy Management Dashboard

The Building Energy Management (BEMS) sector is a developing sector, whose market is expanding mainly due to the interest of companies in optimizing their use of energy. Moreover, better energy management helps companies to achieve money savings and, on the other hand, contributes to reducing CO2 emissions related to building operations, which amounts to 35% of the global emissions. The existing solutions on the market provide basic tools for data analysis, but the lack of effective visualization of results makes knowledge extraction and application cumbersome. Furthermore, the limited possibilities of selection of methods for Data Analytics and representation of results limit the application of the energy manager’s skills.
The project aims to develop an efficient energy management dashboard for three different stakeholders: Energy Managers, Companies or Building Owners, and Building Occupants. The solution (GENCo) combines advanced data analytics techniques with visual analytics improvement, maintaining the features of accessibility, customization, and ease of communication. It is a complete and integrated system, which provides different dashboards depending on whether the user is the Energy Manager, the Company, or the Building Occupants, to allow all users to know the status of the building in terms of the energy consumption and the building emissions, each according to their needs. It introduces:
● Innovative section to control comfort parameters (RH and T)
● Effective visualization of the information generated from data analysis
● The concept for “community” section, where energy managers can share models and results to foster the exchange of ideas and knowledge
● Informative communication strategy for employees so they can contribute to more sustainable energy management.

Principal Academic Tutor:
Alfonso Capozzoli (Politecnico di Torino)

Francesco Causone (Politecnico di Milano)

External Tutor:
Salvatore De Caro – SAP
Isabella Timossi – SEI
Dyala D’Aveni – SEI