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GROMA – Guidelines for the creation of Ivrea’s future Cultural Pole

Groma study deals with the creation of a Cultural Pole in Ivrea devoted to the valorization of the city and local area (Canavese) patrimony and to the production of culture at all levels, to reshape Ivrea identity and turn it into a proactive laboratory of culture.

Groma investigated the characteristics, governance, cultural programs, activities and spaces a Cultural Pole comprising Ivrea main civic entities (museum, library and archive) should have, to organize a list of multidi- sciplinary guidelines to sustain the design and competition process of the new institution addressing the client’s requests (Guelpa Foundation), and Ivrea inhabitants’ needs.

Considering the architectural, urban and digital levels, the Agenda 2030 goals have been pursued for social and cultural innovation as requested by the client, to reflect on ecological footprints for museums and libraries and on the digital maturity of Ivrea cultural institutions.

For being a good practice in terms of social infrastructure speculation, rethinking processes and governance and transforming, adapting and reusing the patrimony, the project has been positively evaluated by the Oslo Architecture Triennale board that included it in the “Neighbourhood Index” realised for the “Mission Neighbourhood – (Re)forming Communities” Triennale 2022.

Principal Academic Tutor
Alessandro De Magistris, School of Architecture, Urban Planning, Construction Engineering Politecnico di Milano

Academic Tutors
Alessando Armando, Department of Architecture and Design (PoliTo)
Pierre-Alain Croset, School of Architecture, Urban Planning, Construction Engineering (PoliMi)

External Institution
Fondazione Guelpa | Bartolomeo Corsini (President), Daniela Broglio (Vice-President), Giacomo Bottino and Giancarlo Guarini (Counselors)

External Tutors
Patrizia Bonifazio, Technical-Scientific Committee – Fondazione Guelpa
Stefano Mirti, Fondazione Milano, SUPER – Scuola Superiore d’Arte Applicata

Team members
Davide Chemin, Cinema and Media Engineering, PoliTo
Vesna Nisic, Architecture and Urban Design, PoliMi
Luis Ocampo, Landscape Architecture, PoliMi
Eugenia Rosina, Integrated Product Design, PoliMi
Morena Scaglia, Building Architecture, PoliMi