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IN – An exhibition about equality

The IN exhibition aims to raise people’s awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals of the ONU 2030 Agenda, encouraging visitors to “see the world” from different perspectives to interpret and read data through statistics and visualizations. It is, furthermore, fostering empathy by working on awareness, acceptance, and mutual respect.
IN exhibition project shows how equality and sustainability are two sides of the same coin, showing how these two worlds are inextricably linked. The aim is to bring the visitor closer to, document, and explore the themes of sustainability and equity with an empathetic but data-driven narrative based on the scientific method. Through data, science insights will be offered, but at the same time, through storytelling and the representation of authentic stories and philosophical-moral questions, it will be possible to learn the multidisciplinary skills needed to see the world with a more all-encompassing, inclusive, and creative outlook. Through several small, not necessarily connected performances, the IN project aims to tell personal stories that make the visitors feel empathy and make them reflect on the different life situations compared to themselves. These little tales and people’s life peerage should help the visitors to get a bigger picture of the overall social situation by linking every exhibit to each other. To achieve this pur-pose, the technological component plays a crucial role. Technology, such as the web application, is integrated with the aim of supporting the visitors’ experience, sharing and gathering data. The technology’s purpose is to facilitate and smooth the visitor experience, it can be seen as a personal guide, a storytelling provider, which collects data from visitors and
contributes to the exhibition’s growth.

Principal Academic Tutor:
Franca Garzotto (Politecnico di Milano)

Academic Tutors:
Pietro Crovari, Politenico di Milano
Fabio Catania, Politenico di Milano

External Institution:
Impactscool, On-Air, I3d LAB