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AoF – The Insurance Agency of the Future

As the insurance landscape evolves with the rise of new insurtech players, traditional incumbents must reformulate their strategies to preserve long-term competitive advantage. Agency of the Future was born from the need to assist a major incumbent, Reale Group, in taking up a huge challenge: innovating the role of insurance agencies and agents in its business model by 2030, taking into account technological trends and evolving expectations of the customers.

The research helped to define the problem underlying the challenge. In an increasingly digital world, a traditional player in the Italian insurance sector, like Reale Group, is currently stuck to a traditional business model where the insurance agents are central. To resist the entrance of disruptive players, insurance companies must reshape their business models, rethinking the role that insurance agents will have in 2030, as well as the customer experience and offering to attract young clients.

Hence, Agency of the Future outlines a new, customercentric insurance agency model characterized by a journey where the customer is accompanied by the agent, which adapts his role over the customer’s life stages. The customer journey takes place in a «phygital» environment, combining digital and physical spaces. The solution comprises three components: digital platform, physical agencies and network, described through functional and technical requirements, service flows, customer journeys and a feasibility assessment.

The solution developed supports Reale Group in undertaking a path towards reshaping the “Agency of the Future”, firmly rooted in the needs of their clients of 2030.

Principal Academic Tutor
Marco Cantamessa, Management and Industrial Engineering – Politecnico di Torino

Academic Tutor
Beatrice Villari, Design – Politecnico di Milano

External Institutions
Reale Lab 1828 (Reale Group)

External Tutors
Chiara Ghigo, Massimo Perego, Gianluca Lorenzi

Team members
Silvia Brembati, Product Service System Design – Politecnico di Milano
Giovanni Giorgetti, Management Engineering – Politecnico di Milano
Francesca Caslini, Architecture Built Environment Interiors – Politecnico di Milano
Matteo Petroli, Management Engineering – Politecnico di Milano
Glenda Marie Galzote, Product Service System Design – Politecnico di Milano
Francesca Vogliotti, Mathematical Engineering – Politecnico di Torino
Alessio Bufano, Management Engineering – Politecnico di Torino