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TNA(A22)MSA – Towards a new architecture for the service areas of the A22 motorway

Motorway service areas are generally seen as fast transit place, where to stop only if strictly needed. TNA(A22)MSA aims to propose an innovative vision for the transformation of the service areas along the Modena-Brennero motorway. By providing them with new facilities and opening towards the territory, the user base can be widened. While the debate was fostered by scholars recently, in the Italian context few pilot projects were realised: TNA(A22)MSA, through the collaboration with Autostrada del Brennero S.p.A., aims to provide an action plan workable already in the near future.

The challenge is duplex: to open the motorway to the territory (through intermodality and widening the user base) and to develop innovative technologies for the reduction of socio-environmental impacts. The project consisted of three steps. Firstly, we focused on learning the basic and fundamental theoretical knowledge about the current state of the art of the topic of service areas. Second, we conducted an interpretative process based on data collected in the previous phase; the approach started at this stage to be more project-based and practical as various maps and diagrams were produced to visualise the information more effectively. The third phase consisted in the finalisation of the work.

The deliverables were three. First, interpretative maps and diagrams to provide a complete knowledge framework. Second, a guidance document highlighting the key elements to consider when transforming any of the 22 service areas of the Brennero motorway, building a vision for the future of the motorway itself. Third, the project of three significant service areas assessed and put into practice the guidelines through real case studies. The three prototypes crystallise the project ideas in tangible artefacts such as plans, sections and 3D visualisations.

Principal Academic Tutors
Andrea Gritti, DAStU, PoliMi
Massimo Crotti, DAD, PoliTo

Academic Tutor
Arianna Astolfi, DENERG, PoliTo
Giulio Ceppi, Department of Design, PoliMi
Fulvio Rinaudo, DAD, PoliTo
Andrea Rolando, DAStU, PoliMi

External Institutions
Autostrada del Brennero S.p.A.

External Tutors
Carlo Costa, Autostrada del Brennero S.p.A.
Alessandro Magnago, Autostrada del Brennero S.p.A.
Elisabetta Brehas, Autostrada del Brennero S.p.A.

Team members
Sebastiano Anselmo
Planning for the Global Urban Agenda PoliTo
Filippo Lorenzo Balma Architettura Costruzione Città PoliTo
Eleonora Dussin Product Service System Design PoliMi
Sara Marzio Architettura per il progetto sostenibile PoliTo
Francesco Sordo Architettura per il progetto sostenibile PoliTo