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Recourse Shangahi

The city of Shanghai is facing a process of drastic urban changes under its master plan Shanghai 2017-2035, with goals such as limiting its population to 25 million, decreasing land area designated to construction, and increasing green areas per capita. One of the main objectives of this Master plan is to turn Shanghai into an Eco-city, setting an example for low-carbon development. Recourse Shanghai is a multidisciplinary project that aims to propose a methodology for the soft regeneration of an urban district in Shanghai, based on onsite recycling of Construction Demolition Waste, considering appropriate processes that reduce CO2 emissions and raw-material exploitation. The regeneration strategy consists in a progressive process not affecting dramatically the everyday life of the city but aiming for a reconnection between nature and urban environment. The urban design concept consists on applying modularity in a mobile recycling plant, within the km0 methodology, which at the same time adds flexibility in the development of a progressive regeneration, adapting its production rate to the necessity of the project. In this pilot project, an area of study of 150 hectares on the eastern banks of the Huangpu River in Yangpu district has been selected. The regeneration strategy consists, in a first step, in the development of new waterways for the industrial process, as infrastructure for water transportation of modular floating factories, while later on they will become central elements for the design of linear urban parks, increasing the quality of life and recovering the connection of the city of Shanghai with water. Inside this area, 185.000 m² of new canals would be built along with more than 30 hectares of green open spaces, boasting Shanghai as an eco-city and diversifying its cultural identity.

Pierre Alain Croset, Department of Architecture and Urban Studies. Politecnico di Milano.

Alberto Bologna, Department of Architecture and Design. Politecnico di Torino
Camilla Lenzi, Department of Architecture, Built environment and construction engineering. Politecnico di Milano.
Simonetta Pagliolico, Department of Applied Science and Technology. Politecnido di Torino.
Blanca Maria Rinaldi, Department of Regional and Urban Studies and Planning. Politecnico di Torino.
Ilaria Valente, Department of Architecture and Urban Studies. Politecnico di Milano

Ilaria Pugliese, Politecnico di Milano
Alfonso Enrique Moya Quiroga, Politecnico di Milano
Elena Lopes, Politecnico di Milano
Giovanni Palmiotto, Politecnico di Milano
Pierinna Miriam Lopez Gonzales, Politecnico di Milano
Roberto Calcagno, Politecnico di Torino
Nicola Gaudiano, Politecnico di Milano