ASP projects


 The future is electric and photovoltaic (PV) technology is a key to this green revolution. The solar modules installation is increasing and occasionally they are combined with storage systems in order to accumulate only the excess of production. 
The project suggests a solution for energy management, merging photovoltaics and storage systems together with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), considering as case study focused on a building with high density of households. 
Using the AI, Ulisse can predict the next day building’s behavior and the energy produced by the PV installed on the rooftop. If the needs outweigh the production, Ulisse will accumulate the difference into the storage when it costs less (typically at nighttime). 
• Buying energy at the minimum price in order to reduce the  users bill cost, according to the energy management predictions. 
• Consumption and avoiding buying energy at pick. 

Principal Academic Tutor:
Francesco Grimaccia  (Politecnico di Milano)

CoAcademic Tutor:
Alessandro Niccolai (Politecnico di Milano)

External Institution: