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BRIDGE: Bridging the gap between Industry and Academia

Seeing the need to have more communication skill training done in the academic sector, gave birth to this project being recommended by IBM and further harnessed by the Alta Scuola Politecnica advisors. To explore the transition for this work, a multi-criteria analysis is performed. The first step is the Stakeholder analysis, necessary to deeply investigate the problem and to identify needs and requirements. In this section, five stakeholders were identified and a correlation between them was carried out to fully meet those needs with the right requirements. Then with the study of state-of-the-art for each technology, a preliminary screening is obtained.
A systematic methodology is adopted to select the most promising solution. This methodology needs a list of criteria, defined by clustering of requirements and weighted depending on their relevance. Job satisfaction, increased employability and feasibility were basic needs been highlighted for consideration to be met based on the solution deduced.
The criteria were defined and weighed, the selected solution was prototyped through a proof of concept event and then further analyzed in terms of business viability in the community. This study required the team to design three different business plan options:
• Alumni -making use of the ASP Alumni network as a resource to keep our service proposal running in the future.
• Career service -exploiting the already existing Career Service infrastructure to organize more events like the project proof of concept.
• In-house outlook -ASP board taking full charge for the service future, logistically and financially.

Principal Academic Tutor
Nicoletta di Blas, Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering, Politecnico di Milano

External Institution

External Tutor
Stefano Bodini, IBM

Team Members
Martina Bonetti, Politecnico di Milano, MSc Product Service System Design
Sneha Davis, Politecnico di Milano, MSc Aeronautical Engineering
Emecheta Kemjika Chukwunyere, Politecnico di Torino, MSc Petroleum Engineering
Subhojit Mukherjee, Politecnico di Milano, MSc Telecommunication Engineering
Awais Sadaqat, Politecnico di Milano, MSc Management Engineering
Gianfranco Savino, Politecnico di Milano, MSc Chemical Engineering

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