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S[m]ART: Yummy it, reduce food wastage

The ASP group developed their activity working in parallel with the S [m2] art research project, winner of the MIUR Smart Cities and Social Innovation tender (SCN_00325). In particular, starting from the same concept of S [m2] art, they had the task of designing some alternative proposals, even more innovative. The member group belongs to the architecture and design field, except for Atanasovska Martina – urban planner – and Delvino Michele – management engineer.

At the very beginning phase of their activity, the ASP Team members collaborated in a brainstorming activity, with the same role, but, of course, contributing on the basis of their specific study background. Also in the second phase, when they were divided into 3 groups of 2 students each and detailed 3 scenarios of “smart meter square”, they had the same “role” of designer, with the exception of Delvino Michele, a management engineer who started a transversal activity, supporting the 3 groups in the service-design activity, on the basis of his specific skills.
After the discussion with the research and business partners (Telecom Italia and ThemaProgetti Group), one of the 3 scenarios were chosen as the most innovative and interesting for the further investigation in the field of smart urban furniture: the food storage, delivery and distribution, talking in account of all related social innovation issues.

In order to develop the concept in a more detailed project, the students took part in an international workshop in Food Design, hosted during the Italian Design Day by the East China Normal University February 27th to March 5th 2017. The workshop gave ASP team the opportunity to dialogue with the multidisciplinary student of the Master in Food, in a design workshop in Shanghai, based on the smart meter square concept.

Principal Academic Tutor
Roberto Pagani, DAD, Politecnico di Torino

Academic Tutors
Andrea Ciaramella, ABC, Politecnico di Milano
Silvia Chiusano, DAUIN, Politecnico di Torino
Ileana Bettani, ABC, Politecnico di Milano
Alberto Celani, ABC, Politecnico di Milano
Giacomo Chiesa, DAD, Politecnico di Torino
Lorenzo Savio, DAD, Politecnico di Torino

External Institutions
Telecom Italia
Gruppo Thema Progetti

External Tutor
Pierangelo Garino, Telecom Italia
Michele Aruanno, Gruppo Thema Progetti

Team Members
Atanasovska Martina, MSc Urban Planning and Policy Design, Politecnico di Milano
Callegari Sandra, MSc Sustainable Architecture and Landscape Design, Politecnico di Milano
Chan Ho Yin William, MSc Architecture, Politecnico di Milano
Delvino Michele, MSc Management Engineering, Politecnico di Torino
Moreno Romero Juan Sebastian, MSc Sustainable Architecture and Landsacpe Design, Politecnico di Milano
Terraneo Emanuela, MSc Architectural Design, Politecnico di Milano

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