High-Tech Startups ASP Course in collaboration with Takeoff Accelerator and Motor Valley Accelerator

The High-Tech Startups Course, organized by the Alta Scuola Politecnica in collaboration with Takeoff Accelerator and Motor Valley Accelerator, took place in the last weeks, as part of the new ASP’s personalized learning modules.

The course is designed to provide students the fundamental knowledge on startups creation and growing. After establishing the theoretical foundations, the course includes sessions with seven startups from Takeoff Accelerator, a program dedicated to aerospace and advanced hardware startups, as well as from Motor Valley Accelerator, Italy’s leading accelerator for the Automotive and Mobility sectors.

In the first lesson, the theoretical foundations of the course were introduced by Eugenia Forte, Course Manager and Senior Program Manager of Takeoff Accelerator. Given her passion towards the startup ecosystem, Eugenia Forte took on the role of mentor and advisor at several entrepreneurial entities, becoming Business Developer at a social impact startup accelerator before joining Plug and Play to manage the Takeoff Accelerator in Turin.  The theoretical lecture was followed by a presentation and discussion with Filippo Oggionni, CCO of the startup Revolv Space, part of the Takeoff program, which is revolutionizing satellite operations, making them truly continuous, by providing satellite manufacturers with the next generation of satellite subsystems.

The second lecture featured meetings with Federico Romei, CEO of Ohm Space and Valerio Di Pompeo, CEO of SphereCube –both startups from the Takeoff program.
Ohmspace develops safer and faster electric propulsion to boost the space economy, by speeding up the missions and services in space. 
SphereCube is an additive manufacturing startup able to process continuously-reinforced high performance composites for next gen mold-less environmentally friendly production. 

In the third module of the course, students had the opportunity to learn directly from the CEOs of two startups from the Motor Valley Accelerator program. Marco Bevilacqua, CEO of Reefilla – a startup that has developed EV predictive “charge delivery” service on-site, consisting of highly integrated hardware product development and cloud service management – and Francesco Spagnolo, CEO of 2electron – a startup offering a system able to replicate the behavior of a gearbox and an ICE, on any BEV by means of accurate management of torque request and regenerative braking for pleasure to drive.

Lastly, the final lecture of the course was dedicated to a presentation and discussion with Giacomo Vissio, CEO of, a startup from the Motor Valley Accelerator program, offering tailor-made industrial apps sewing together the best UX technology and deep learning: enables any operator to train ML models and teach by examples to machines new tasks.