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ICOSA: Inter-vehicular Communications for Traffic Control and Safety Applications

Wireless communications technologies are mature enough to allow the deployment of innovative systems for vehicular traffic control and safety support. By equipping vehicles with communication facilities and sensors, and by possibly enriching the roadside infrastructure, a number of new services can be provided such as:
• Detection of dangers and distribution of warning messages for increased safety
• Cooperative driving for better fuel performance, reduced journey time, and reduced pollution
• Management of fleets of vehicles for improved efficiency
• Information distribution (traffic conditions, parking reservation, weather forecast, tourist and cultural information,…)
• Entertainment applications (Internet access, distributed gaming,…)

The highly multidisciplinary nature of the system to be studied calls for the investigation of many challenging issues, involving different scientific disciplines; these include:
• Physical communication channel in different environments and transmission issues
• Communication protocols, services, and applications
• Mathematical modeling for: traffic characterization, mobility models, network connectivity and topology analysis, control techniques
• Planning of the infrastructure that supports the new services
• Social-economic impact and business models
• Security and privacy; impact on laws and regulations
• New man-machine interfaces
• New service requirement analysis, including safety and security issues
• Management of the introduction of the new services

Principal Academic Tutors
Marco Ajmone Marsan
Electronics, Politecnico di Torino

Academic Tutors
Luigi Fratta
Electronics and Information,
Politecnico di Milano
Electronics, Politecnico di Torino

External institutions

External Tutors
Giovanni Colombo
Juan Carlos De Martin

Team members

Sebastiano Ercoli [Team controller], Industrial Design
Andrea Barbieri, Telecommunication Engineering
Andrea Di Natale, Management
Antonio Intini, Telecommunications
Raffaello Martini, Information Engineering
AlbertoMussa, Mathematical Modelling in Engineering

Gabriele Colombo [Team controller], Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering
Camilla Fecchio [Project Communication Coordinator], Communication Design
Giorgio Pioppo, Information Engineering
Giuseppe Racanelli, Telecommunications
Fabio Soldo, Mathematical Modelling in Engineering

Antonio Arpaia [Team controller], Automotive Engineering
Marco Cioffi, Computer Engineering
Andrea De Mauro, Information Engineering
Giuseppe Valenzise, Computer Engineering

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