YouForAll ASP project: an effective system that utilizes AI techniques to support clinical decision-making

In collaboration with Dedalus Italia, a company specializing in clinical software, YouForAll – Your digital twin for allowing a healthy society, aims to develop an effective system that utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to support clinical decision-making.

This project fits within the ASP “problem-based learning” track Industry and Innovation, as it investigates innovation opportunities to transform patient care and treatment, thanks to the potential of new technologies, which is not fully utilized by the current healthcare system.

The system’s key innovations are its high level of support and its clear explanations of suggested actions, which are easily understandable by doctors. YouForAll, in fact, proposes NEAR (Neural imputed Explainable and Adaptive Risk score), an AI-based score to predict the risk of a clinical event.

As proof of concept, NEAR is implemented to predict the risk of death and bleeding events for patients who have already suffered from cardiac disease, but the approach can be effortlessly extended to any other clinical condition for which a sufficient quantity of data from patients is available. Beyond its capability to model, in advance, the risk for a patient to incur in a given clinical condition, NEAR also provides easy-to-interpret explanations about its own predictions, thanks to which a clinician can immediately understand the clinical variables that contribute more to the score. Moreover, NEAR suggests actions to mitigate the risk or to have a more accurate prediction of the likelihood of the clinical event. Therefore, NEAR acts as a clinical decision support system for practitioners, who can integrate the suggestions with their professional experience to improve their diagnoses.