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F.L.A.G. – Future of Lenses and Glasses

The sponsoring company Luxottica suggested two separate streams of research: developing new products or improving the current production process located in Lauriano (To).
Thinking about such broad themes as emerging technologies, product features, changes in society at large and consumers’ behaviour was required. Research on the improvement of the current production process led students to focus on specific topics. Students focusing on new products (groups A and B) mainly considered lenses as parts of glasses, i.e. of the final product. On the contrary, students analysing production processes (groups C and D) mostly focused on the lens itself.
Groups A and B designed new options for launching new products.
Group A designed new product positioning the company is actually considering to implement. Group B strived to develop glasses prototype with ultra-flexible lenses. Both groups have performed interesting marketing analyses. In both cases customer needs and technologies proved to transcend initially conceived targets.
Group C broadened the landscape of classical make/buy decisions by merging technological analyses with consumers’ interviews to estimate the potential trends in demand for polarizing lenses. Group D has identified the root cause of a large portion of defects in the production process through both statistical and chemical analyses. Students suggested changes in process and materials to avoid these problems. Some suggested solutions were actually implemented by the company.

Principal Academic Tutors
Giulio Zotteri
Production Systems and Business Economics, Politecnico di Torino

Academic Tutors
Bianca Colosimo
Mechanics, Politecnico di Milano
Maurizio Galetto
Production Systems and Business Economics, Politecnico di Torino
Giuseppe Zerbi
Chemistry Materials and Chemical Engineering, Politecnico di Milano

External institutions
Luxottica Group

External Tutors
Vera Valtancoli
HR Corporate Department, Luxottica Group
Andrea Gallina
Head of Manufacturing, Lauriano (TO) Production Plant, Luxottica Group
Marco Coppa
Varnishing Systems and Chemical Processes, Lauriano (TO) Production Plant, Luxottica Group
Enrico Lana
Quality Assessment, Lauriano (TO) Production Plant, Luxottica Group
Afro Rossanese
Injection Moulding Department, Lauriano (TO) Production Plant, Luxottica Group

Team members
Luca Sironi [Team Controller], Aeronautical Engineering
Antonia Sabina Andriani, Industrial Design
Eugenio Lettieri, Management
Xuefei Liu, Environmental and Land Planning Engineering
Jessica Nora, Management
Silvia Francesca Notaro, Fashion Design

Fausto Pelanti [Team Controller], Management
Matteo Agostino, Mechanical Engineering
Marco Chino, Management
Gizem Kaya, Management, Economics and Industrial Design
Edoardo Prina, Mechanical Engineering

Franco DiGiacobbe [Team Controller], Chemical Engineering
Claudio L’Abbate, Automotive Engineering
Carlo Giovanni Pirola, Mechanical Engineering
Anna Maria Cristina Sanfilippo, Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering

Alessio Courtial [Project Communication Coordinator, Team controller], Mechanical Engineering
Francesca Asteggiano, Mathematical Engineering
Valeria Tringali, Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering

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