Data-Driven Customer Value Systems

The ‘Data-Driven Customer Value Systems’ project was conceived as a response to these pressing industry challenges. Our role encompassed a comprehensive examination of the Industry and Market, and the development familias & personas with a specific lens on the 18-30-year-old customer segment, to gain profound insights into customer behaviors, thereby establishing the foundation for innovative service proposals.

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Our project addresses critical challenges in greenhouse cooling by aiming to reduce water consumption, improve sustainability, and enhance performance. Stakeholder analysis guided our approach, and research into materials and experimental activities led to promising alternatives. Our goal is to provide an innovative and sustainable solution that meets the diverse needs of stakeholders, ensures water conservation, and secures the economic viability of greenhouse applications. By focusing on these strategies and technologies, we can contribute to the advancement of sustainable practices in the agricultural sector while addressing the pressing issue of water scarcity. 

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MILDS – Maintenance, Infotainment, Learning Digital Services

Sanlorenzo’s MILDS project represents a significant step forward in leveraging Digital Twin technology to revolutionize the superyacht industry. By integrating data-driven maintenance, energy efficiency services, and a comprehensive DT infrastructure, the company aims to meet the demands of the emerging userrequirements, while delivering exceptional value to its customers.

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