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F.U.S.S. – Floating Units for SeaSteading

Rising sea levels are tearing more and more coastlines from the earth, submerging cities, ecosystems and entire cultures. F.U.S.S. (Floating Units for SeaSteading) is an innovative system of artificial floating platforms designed to host life, facilitating the construction of human settlements on the water and ensuring their well-being through the creation of a closed ecosystem

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SoCo – Social commerce in P&G

Social media has set the stage to a complex, quickly changing and hyper-connected environment in which people interact with each other, building relationships and networks of peers. The Social Commerce (SoCo) project aims to address the possibility to exploit the electronic Word-Of-Mouth (e-WOM) spontaneously genera- ted in social networks in order to create economic value.

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Nowadays, the textile industry has a massive environmental impact, involving depletion of resources in the production of garments and a very short life cycle of clothes. Indeed, there are usually produced, used and later thrown away without a proper recovery, pilling up in landfills. One of the main obstacles for an effective recycling of garments

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