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NEST: NEw Services for Teaching and learning

Nowadays the learning scenario can be defined as “fragmented”, due to the many different specific services or courses related to the specific needs of different learner targets, but also as “global”, in terms of the broad potential audience it can reach. Searching on the web, it is easy to find every kind of opportunity, “localized” on the web or in different countries, for improving skills and competences: online courses, real job challenges open to everyone (e.g. the online initiatives of open innovation in engineering or design fields such as Innocentive or Openideo, or the entire world of crowdsourcing), opportunities for developing international experience in volunteer programs, etc.
Furthermore, 2012 has been recognized as the “MOOCs year”, the rise of high quality massive open online courses provided for free by the best US Universities (e.g. Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Princeton). The opportunity for everyone to integrate competences and skills offered by a traditional degree by following selfdesigned paths that can combine face to face intensive courses selected from all over the world, top level online courses or job challenges is becoming increasingly concrete (also in coming years very accessible fairs are planned).
Moreover, as career services can observe day by day, evaluation of the competences of each person is no longer limited to official certifications but is connected with each person’s specific experiences rather than traditional courses attended. Therefore, the project was centered on the design of value-added services which help individuals to orient themselves in an open view of the concept of “learning opportunities” to meet their specific goals. The learning scenario shows that there are a number of ideas developed in this manner which, however, have two main limitations: lack of a “wide vision” of learning opportunities and “crowd-answers”, namely the possibility of providing
and receiving inputs from a larger community of interest which provides useful information in such a complex context.

Principal Academic Tutor
Susanna Sancassani
METID, Politecnico di Milano

External Tutors
Giuseppe Gorla
Cristiano Agostini

Academic Tutors
Alberto Colorni
Industrial Design, Arts, Communication and Fashion, Politecnio di Milano
Tommaso Agasisti
Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering, Politecnico di Milano
Alessandro Campi
Electronics, Information and Bioengineering, Politecnico di Milano
Angelo Tartaglia
Applied Science and Technology, Politecnico di Torino
Daniela Casiraghi
METID, Politecnico di Milano
Nicoletta Trentinaglia
METID, Politecnico di Milano
Valeria Baudo
METID, Politecnico di Milano

External institution

Team members
Federica Ciccullo [Project Communication Coordinator], Management Engineering
Giantommaso D’Astolto [Team Controller], Management Engineering
Marija Petkovic, Product-Service-Systems Design

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