16th Cycle

IN – An exhibition about equality

The IN exhibition aims to raise people’s awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals of the ONU 2030 Agenda, encouraging visitors to “see the world” from different perspectives to interpret and read data through statistics and visualizations. It is, furthermore, fostering empathy by working on awareness, acceptance, and mutual respect.IN exhibition project shows how equality and […]

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As space exploration is becoming increasingly important, there is an urgent need for innovative systems to help the human body adapt to the hostile conditions that characterize other celestial bodies, such as the reduced gravity. Exoskeletons, together with Virtual Reality environments, could be used to simulate such environments on Earth so that astronauts can prepare

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The manned exploration of Mars is a very ambitious goal that requires a large amount of resources such as the oxygen needed to breath and fuel the Mars Ascend Vehicle. To overcome these limitations, ISRU practices come useful. We know that carbon dioxide constitutes about 96% of Martian atmosphere and it is the candidate for

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In the field of waves and vibrations, Metamaterials (MMs) are artificial structures that allow the manipulation of electromagnetic, acoustic or elastic waves in exotic ways, giving rise to unexpected effects (e.g, negative effective refractive index, cloaking, focusing or filtering). These exceptional properties, not encountered in conventional materials, derive largely from the geometric structure rather than

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New Normal

The New Normal project’s aim is to investigate which could be the new workplace paradigm after the Covid-19 spread worldwide.The conception of office, and workplace in general, has changed due to the pandemic and the establishment of the new remote working solutions. In this context, it becomes interesting and necessary to understand how the situation

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NODe4RESA new origami design for renewable energy smart agriculture

Given the growing pressures of climate change on vineyards and competition for the soil of the last decades, the project aims to protect vineyards from harmful weather phenomena, while contemporarily harvesting energy through photovoltaic panels.Global warming is leading to an intensification in rainfall, droughts, hailstorms, windstorms and spring frosts, which can highly damage vineyards1, therefore

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PNRelay 2.020

When a peripheral nerve is damaged due to mechanical injury, inflammation or various pathologies, the signal conduction from our brain to nerves and muscles is entirely or partially impaired, with resulting disabilities. Although scientists have made remarkable progress in many respects, there is still no effective system able to provide an effective solution at the

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Space Tech-SEI Pioneer

Space Tech-SEI Pioneer was born in collaboration with SEI – School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and an industrial partner, Leonardo S.p.A.. The project originates from the technical challenge of designing a solution for the autonomous management of a fleet of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in multi-objective, dynamic missions. Up to now, studies from literature have

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 The future is electric and photovoltaic (PV) technology is a key to this green revolution. The solar modules installation is increasing and occasionally they are combined with storage systems in order to accumulate only the excess of production.  The project suggests a solution for energy management, merging photovoltaics and storage systems together with the use

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Variable Fonts

The digital experiences we interact with everyday are increasingly becoming more responsive: they are now designed to load large amounts of data extremely quickly. Data can be used both to make these experiences more engaging as well as more intuitive for their end-users. With the aim of applying these principles to the textual elements of

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