Organising the storage of the materials in the warehouse is fundamental and critical activity of every industrial business. The paper analyses methods to increment the efficiency of a Procter and Gamble warehouse located in Pomezia (RM), Italy, which stores healthcare and detergent products. During this analysis a particular focus is dedicated to the management and […]

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DAPO Project – Digital Archeology Project at Oplontis

Digital Archaeology Project of Oplontis (DAPO) was developed together with Parco Archeologico di Pompei, The Oplontis Project team, Torre Annunziata community and Alta Scuola Politecnica in order to create a new way to bring history to life.For more than a decade, an interdisciplinary team of scholars (Oplontis Project team) has been documenting and uncovering the

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Space Tech SEI

Since humanity has been able to make satellites orbit around the planet Earth, everyone’s life changed: not only due to GPS and wireless communication development; a deeper knowledge of our planet has been reached as well, and this helps in many ways, such as climate change monitoring. As a proof of the importance of the

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Physiological mobility and sensitivity can be lost during life due to physical trauma or other adverse medical conditions that damage the nervous system leading to permanent disabilities. The objective of the project is to target this problem developing a new peripheral nerve interface, capable of conveying information between brain and organs. This kind of medical

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Climate change is one of the most significant challenges of our time. Due to the increasing energy consumption of a steadily growing world population, CO2 emissions and greenhouse effect are continuously increasing. The building sector provides great potential to reduce CO2 emissions, since 30% of the total energy consumption is to maintain thermal comfort in

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Energy is what moves us forward. The quest for new convenient energy sources has accompanied the human species throughout its evolution, until the great breakthrough carried by the Second Industrial Revolution, with the introduction of steam machines. However, the consumption of unrenewable sources along with questionable energy policies, soon led to critical downsides: the catastrophic

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The EnerChainge project, conducted together with the partner company Edison, has the goal to investigate the properties and limitations of blockchain technology with an emphasis on the energy sector, and to design and develop a working prototype to address a specific energy related problem. The resulting solution is Virdis, an innovative, blockchain-based green energy tracker