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Inteface Design: Definition of a User-Friendly System for Data Mining

Complex environments, such as organizations, are characterized by the potential availability of a constantly increasing amount of data. This data are often unstructured and organized in separated blocks stored within different company units, often without a clear strategy for their management and exploitation. Thus, the potential largely remains unexpressed.
One of the most critical concerns reveals to be data integration for accessibility: that’s where methods and technologies that allow us to establish connections and shape data are of primary importance.
The possibility for users to have direct and immediate access to information yields a competitive advantage for the company, in terms of efficiency and effectiveness of the processes both at individual and department level.
Information technology and communication design skills – data and information visualization especially – can offer innovative and productive ways to approach the problem, structuring organizational processes, ensuring data accessibility and engagement in the most effective way to achieve company goals.
The project aims at exploring the possibilities offered by Information and Communication technologies for data mining and information visualization, starting from the recent investments Barilla made in the implementation of 3D Laser Scanners for a complete map of all the industrial plants and their asset.
The goal of the project is to design user interfaces capable of integrating data and information (such as maintenance and financial information) from different areas of the Company into dedicated touch-point serving specific user targets.

Principal academic tutors
Paolo Ciuccarelli, Politecnico di Milano – Dept. of Design, Density Design Lab.

Academic tutors
Mauro Ceconello, Assistant Professor and Researcher, Politecnico di Milano
Azzurra Pini, Communication Designer, PHD Researcher, Density Design Lab., Politecnico di Milano
Marco Brambilla, Information Engineer, Assistant Professor, DEIB, Politecnico di Milano
Marco Tagliasacchi, Information Engineer, Assistant Professor, DEIB, Politecnico di Milano
Tommaso Buganza, Management, Economics and Industrial Engineer, Associate Professor, School of Management, Politecnico di Milano

External institutions
Barilla Group

External tutors
Beatrice Burlenghi, HR – Region italy & Group Customers Development, Barilla Group
Alessandro Marafioti, Technical Development, Barilla Group
Nicola Perizzolo, Technical Development Associate Director, Barilla Group

Team A members
Paolo Aymerito, Electronic Engineering, Politecnico di Milano
Beatrice Borsetti (Team controller), Architecture, Politecnico di Milano
Manuel Cuomo (Communication coordinator), Telecommunications Engineering, Politecnico di Torino
Alessandro Paolo Daga, Mechanical Engineering, Politecnico di Torino
Ignazio Indovina, Mechatronic Engineering, Politecnico di Torino

Team B members
Marco Alessio, Mechanical Engineering, Politecnico di Torino
Alice Casiraghi, Product Service System Design, Politecnico di Milano
Matteo Cunial (Team controller), Civil Engineering, Politecnico di Milano
Matteo Mautino, Automotive Engineering, Politecnico di Torino
Eleonora Piersanti, Aeronautic Engineering, Politecnico di Milano

Download the poster of the Project