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WIMSAE: Wireless Intelligent Monitoring Systems for Aquatic Environments

Widespread, real-time monitoring of aquatic environments is essential if we are to meet the management needs of climate change, environmental monitoring, emergency management, water resource limitation and the wider sustainability of industries such as tourism, fisheries and agriculture. In view of the continued and expansive impact of phenomena such as climate change and waterborne pollution, local, national and regional economies are being hit such that entire societies are now facing potentially fundamental alteration to their lifestyle and associated resource base.
Accordingly, the capacity to obtain real-time information on environmental changes and impacts is paramount if we are to effectively grapple with such a dynamic situation and to then adapt to, or mitigate, the changes that occur. Whilst a range of potential technical solutions currently exist on the market, none of them satisfy application constraints and, typically, require very large financial and technical input.
This project aims at addressing some technical issues so that a cost effective, robust and easily installed monitoring system is available for real-time monitoring in low-depth aquatic ecosystems. The reference monitoring technology is a wireless sensor network which can provide a closer look at the aquatic environment and develop accurate interpretations based on real-time “in field acquisitions” in a globally accessible, collaborative marine data analysis. The teams aimed at addressing three main aspects related to highly complex ICT framework.

Principal Academic Tutor
Cesare Alippi
Electronics and Information, Politecnico di Milano

Academic Tutors
Gianpaolo Cugola
Electronics and Information, Politecnico di Milano
Paola Pirinoli
Electronics, Politecnico di Torino
Riccardo Zich
Energy, Politecnico di Milano

External institution
University of Queensland (Australia)
Università di Udine
IS MB – Istituto Superiore Mario

External Tutors
Ron Johnstone
The University of Queensland

Team members
Andrea Allegrini, Environmental and Land Planning Engineering
Alicia Hinostroza Castillo, Computer Engineering
Valeria Rho [Project Communication Coordinator & Team controller], Physics Engineering
Alessandro Sassone, Computer Engineering
Moreno Ursino, Mathematical modelling in Engineering

Claudio Baldizzone, Materials Engineering
Stefano Cavaletto, Physical Engineering
Luigi Ciavarella, Physical Engineering
Jewel Okyere-Benya, Telecommunication Engineering
Lorenzo Zanon [Team controller], Mathematical modelling in Engineering

Federica Barbieri, Electronic Engineering
Matteo Ghidelli, Materials Engineering
Manuel Intini, Energy Engineering
Nicola Martino [Team controller], Physics Engineering
Juan Pablo Varon Tamayo, Engineering for Cinema and Methods of Communications

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